Conference on oil and gas

In parallel with the steps that the National Iranian Oil Company is undertaking to implement the government’s regulations regarding the general conditions, structure and pattern of upstream contracts for oil and gas, it is necessary to take the following measures in light of the importance of protecting oil and gas reservoirs:

(A) Development activities of any Green Field or in the form of IPC contracts will be carried out, or otherwise, before any action in the reservoir is initiated, the studies required to provide the field / reservoir development plan by A credible consultant has been appointed and the consultant will provide options for the development of the field.

B) In the fields under exploitation, it is necessary, in the order described below, as “the study of fields / oil and gas reservoirs”, first by selecting competent consulting engineers, studies of these fields, and plans for how to exploit the heaviness / The field / reservoir development will be provided by them.

(C) In all cases, the following subject is covered by clause (a) and (b): Proposals proposed by the contractor’s consultancy engineers, after initial examination and approval of the Reservoir Management Advisory Committee at the National Iranian Oil Company for final approval through the Minister to the High Council of Engineering Oil and gas tanks are to be referred.